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What exactly does your business need in order to survive? Do you need expensive equipment, and access to experts and qualified technicians who can help you with better understanding what you need? If you require top-quality piston pumps in the industry that you work in, then you could really stand to gain by knowing how the unit works and how to select a top-quality option.


At Bestline Manufacturing, we stock the Cat range of piston pumps. These pumps make use of positive displacement to transfer liquids. A plunger or diaphragm is used, and these are most commonly called “pistons”. All pistons have input and output valves called “check valves”, and the function of these valves is to make sure that the liquid’s directional flow is limited and controlled. This means that the liquid cannot simply flow backwards and forwards. It is constantly kept in one direction.


There are various differences between the piston pump types on the market. One thing you should always remember is that all piston pumps are either manual or engine operated. There are two main types of piston pumps to look out for. They are the lift piston pumps and the force piston pumps. Lift piston pumps draw liquid in an upstroke movement by means of a valve. The liquid is then moved into the lower section of the pump’s cylinder. A down stroke movement then sends the liquid into the upper part of the main cylinder. With the next upstroke movement, the liquid is forced out through the pump’s spout. Force piston pumps work quite differently. They draw liquid by means of a valve and upstroke movement. The water is drawn into the pump’s main cylinder. With the down stroke movement, the water is forced into the outlet pipe by means of a valve.


Both types of piston pumps can be highly effective when used in a myriad of applications. If you choose Cat piston pumps, you can also rest assured that the pump will last a long time and won’t easily let you down. By chatting to a friendly and knowledgeable consultant at Bestline Manufacturing, you can be given all of the advice and guidance you will need to select the right piston pump for the job.


Of course, you will not find our range of products cheaper anywhere else. In fact, we have been the sole distributors of Cat piston pumps and related products for the past 30 years. While we predominantly serve the Gauteng area, we can always assist those who are situated a bit further away. We know the market and we understand that while you want the best possible quality, you also want an affordable product.


If you would like to learn more about our piston pumps, take some time to call us or email us at Bestline Manufacturing. We look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect unit for your needs. It’s time to find a range of piston pumps you can trust and rely on.