Using Industrial Pressure Washers for Tough Cleaning Tasks


If there is tough cleaning to be done, industrial pressure washers are needed for the job. To describe an industrial pressure washer as a workhorse would be apt. These pieces of equipment are in fact considered some of the most useful in many industrial environments. They are not only useful in the industrial industry though. In fact, anyone who has to carry out a tough cleaning job can benefit from owning a pressure washer, even homeowners. Our pressure washers can be used for cleaning driveways and workshops, stripping paint and mould off buildings, cleaning heavy-duty vehicles, and more.


Choosing the Right Industrial Pressure Washers for the Job


Before you buy one, decide what type of cleaning you will use your industrial pressure washer for. Choosing the right pressure washer can be simple if you know what you will use it for. Consider the cleaning jobs that you currently handle and choose a pressure washer with a suitable PSI rating. PSI ratings denote how much pressure the washer produces. The higher the PSI, the more pressure is generated. Those with the highest PSI ratings can handle the toughest cleaning tasks, but it is not as simple as just selecting a pressure washer with the highest PSI. This is because excessive pressure can cause damage to the surface you are cleaning, instead of just breaking the chemical bond between the surface and the stain. Advice from industry professionals can help you to make the right choice if you are not entirely confident about choosing between the various options. Simply let us know what type of cleaning tasks you will be tackling, and we will recommend a range of suitable industrial pressure washers for you to consider.


You can use the following as a guideline when considering PSI ratings:


  • 750-1500psi: best suited for cleaning garden furniture, dirt bins, motorbikes, and tools. These are also great for cleaning walls without damaging or removing the paint.


  • 1500-3000psi: best suited for cleaning cars, boats, gutters, and similar. These can also be used for medium-pressure cleaning of roofs.


  • 3000psi and above: best suited for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, including patios, driveways, workshops, concrete, and farm equipment, as well as stripping paint from walls. These washers should not be used on surfaces that are easily damaged.


Types of High-Pressure Washers


There are gas, petrol, and electric industrial pressure washers available in South Africa. Petrol washers are generally a top choice because they tend to be more durable and powerful than their gas and electric counterparts. Gas industrial pressure washers are best suited to large outdoor cleaning tasks, while electric varieties are smaller, quieter, and best suited to indoor or small-scale cleaning.


Bestline Manufacturing is dedicated to helping all industries find affordable and effective solutions to their cleaning challenges. We are a respected and preferred supplier of gas, petrol, and electric high-pressure washers in Gauteng, South Africa. For more information on our competitively priced, high-quality pressure washers, give us a call, send us an email, or pay us a visit today.