The Triplex High-Pressure Pump – Its Nature, Uses, and Benefits


Pumping equipment is widely used for the transport and metering of all manner of liquids under a wide variety of conditions. For some purposes, it will prove necessary to propel a liquid at pressures that are well above that of the atmosphere. It is for use in this type of application that the triplex high-pressure pump was developed. These devices employ a positive-displacement, reciprocating action and, as their name implies, are characterised by a design that makes use of not one but three plungers or pistons to overcome the tendency of a single-plunger model to pulsate.

The two types differ slightly in certain aspects of their mechanical operation, particularly the mechanisms involved in the opening and closing of their inlet valves. However, the overall effect of both the plunger- and the piston-operated models is to maintain a smooth, continuous, forward movement of the fluid that is to be pumped. In practice, for those applications where very high pressures are essential, the type of triplex pump that utilises plungers rather than pistons will be the better option. Even higher pressures can be achieved with the use of “Superflow” (SF) models that utilise a ceramic plunger with a flow-through design which acts to increase suction and, in turn, the pump’s outlet pressure.

As is the case with most forms of mechanical equipment, the products of some manufacturers are recognised for their superior performance. Such is the case with the triplex high-pressure pumps developed by the Minnesota-based manufacturer, CAT Pumps, whose mission has, for more than 50 years, been to produce the longest-lasting and most dependable products possible and to back them with outstanding service.

CAT provides powerful pumping systems for use in a wide range of industries that includes commercial and industrial cleaning, oil and gas, mining, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverages. In keeping with the company’s chosen name, its triplex high-pressure pumps appear to have nine lives when compared to competing models. A working lifespan of thirty years or more is not uncommon for these exceptionally tough, hard-working units. The products of an ISO 9001-certified facility, all are RoHS-compliant, guaranteeing that no hazardous substances such as lead, mercury, or cadmium are used in their manufacture.

Managing a world-class product requires a knowledgeable and dependable supplier. More than 150 types of CAT triplex high-pressure pump can be purchased from Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg, the US manufacturer’s sole franchise holder in South Africa. Most models are available from stock as well as a complete range of spares. To further support our clients, Bestline Manufacturing operates a comprehensive design service together with state-of-the-art test facilities.