The Benefits of Underground Jetting Equipment

Water jetting equipment has proven to be very effective and it is an economical way of removing rocks and debris after blasting underground. The reason why this technology is so effective is due to its ability to use water under high pressure, which in turn will create the force necessary to remove debris and force it into the gully.

There are many advantages in using underground jetting and one of them is dust suppression. By removing the debris with a high pressure system, it will eliminate the amount of dust in the surrounding air and allow for a safer and healthier environment to work in. It will also cool off the immediate environment and this is safer too. Another benefit is the fact that it will help to lubricate the wall; this makes the entire process easier as it will be less dangerous since the equipment will be kept cool and working optimally. Rock blasting can be a dangerous activity for engineering teams to handle, so removing any unnecessary debris and small pieces of rock is a benefit for any team to have. It will keep the area cleaner and safer to operate in. This will all help to contribute to an increase in overall productivity across various industries and allow teams to work effectively.

This type of equipment can be used in many industries and the technology has become very popular. A cleaner and safer working environment is not only convenient but allows for an increase in productivity over time. The water pressure system that is used in underground jetting is not only reserved for rock blasting, but can be used in many other applications too.

The military uses this high pressure system to clean their runways of debris and rubber to make it safer for their airplanes to land and take off. Depending on the amount of traffic that the runway receives, this process can be used daily if needed. Other industries use it to remove oils and residues from their working areas, and can be used to clean walls and other surfaces effectively.

Bestline Manufacturing has a range of high quality underground jetting equipment that will allow for a safer working environment, improved productivity and a dust free working area. These systems have been tested over a period of more than ten years, proving that our equipment can stand the test of time.