Whether you are running a commercial car wash or your business needs to have its own dedicated wash bay installed, it is important to work closely with a professional wash bay installation expert. When it comes to installing vehicle wash bays, only the finest quality pumps and wash bay components should be used. Investing in inferior quality wash bay products can result in inefficiency and, of course, wastage of water and money. In the end, you pay more if you buy cheaply. At Bestline Manufacturing, we promote the use of Cat Pumps and stock the following car wash bay components that you will require to effectively set up a wash bay area:

  • Belt drives;
  • BD direct drives;
  • Flexible coupling bell housing drive.

Our selection features self-service, automatic, multi-gun and prep units that are designed to last.

We understand that your vehicle wash bay requirements will differ to those of our other clients. We treat each wash bay design and implementation as a unique project and will custom-design a wash bay setup that specifically caters to your vehicles and your needs. The fact that we have been actively involved in this industry for the past 40 years is testament to our experience and expertise.

In the design of vehicle wash bays, heavy-duty pumps that are reliable and powerful are required for the removal of sand, mud and other solids and grime on the vehicle. For this task, we use Cat Pumps, as we strongly believe that they have proven themselves repeatedly when it comes to continuous-duty applications. This range of wash bay pumps also requires minimal maintenance and offers an exceptionally long lifespan.

We offer jetting equipment that creates a drive-through or semi-automatic system that can be relied on without fail. The fact that these pumps can be easily installed and provide a great return on investment makes it easy for us to promote them with confidence too. High-pressure jetting systems are preferred in wash bays as they are able to quickly and effectively remove dirt without using too much water. These systems are affordable and safe to use.

Are you looking for a professional company to assist you with creating and installing vehicle wash bays? If you are, take the time to chat to us at Bestline Manufacturing. We are available via email and telephone and welcome you to drop us a line or give us a call when it is most convenient for you.