Custom-Built Vehicle Wash Bays


If you have a business with a fleet of vehicles, you would know that they have to be maintained and cleaned regularly. This is a lot of work for businesses with industrial vehicles such as large earthmoving machines. It can also be a nightmare if you have an entire fleet of commercial vehicles such as big loader trucks and buses. Luckily, there is a solution. Many service stations have standardised vehicle wash bays for regular-sized commercial vehicles but now you can a custom-built version for your business’s vehicles.

Bestline Manufacturing offers custom-built earthmoving and heavy-duty vehicle wash bays that can dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to clean your fleet. By using surface-blasting technology, these custom systems can deal with surface build-up on heavy-duty vehicles. We use CAT pumps to power our wash bays to deliver optimal performance. By using a positive-displacement pump, the water is forced through the system at high pressure. This results in a powerful jet of water that can remove grit and grime more effectively than other types of cleaning methods – and far quicker too.


Customised for Your Fleet

Earthmoving vehicles transport debris and soil all day long. It is, therefore, inevitable that they will be dirty after a long day’s work. Our earthmoving vehicle wash bays are specifically designed to clean these types of vehicles. In fact, a high-pressure blaster that would seriously damage a normal car is ideal for these iron and steel giants. It will significantly speed up the process of removing dirt, grime, dust, and mud from the vehicles. We offer customisation to ensure that your business can make the most of its new wash bay by complying with your unique requirements and building the system around your needs.

Our heavy-duty vehicle wash bays are designed to clean heavy-duty commercial vehicles such as buses and trucks. These vehicles commonly make up the fleets of courier and transport businesses. Constant travelling results in dust and dirt building up on these vehicles, so they get dirty quickly and have to be cleaned frequently. With our custom vehicle wash bays, your business can ensure that its vehicle fleet is properly cleaned before hitting the road once again.

Bestline Manufacturing can deliver high-pressure systems for your business as well. Whether it is with our dust-suppression equipment or custom vehicle wash bays, we can boost your cleaning operations’ productivity and efficiency. For more information on these and other products, please browse our website for details and specifications on our CAT Pumps. Take advantage of quality high-pressure equipment for your business today.