The Power of Water


The power of fast-flowing water is often underestimated. When water is put under high pressure and dispensed through a nozzle, you can clean almost anything with it. Therefore, water jetting is an excellent and very effective way to clean surfaces and clear underground pipe systems. Adding pressure to the flow of water instantly turns the liquid into a cleaning tool. The added pressure results in a stronger flow rate within a sealed system. A simple example is partially blocking the opening of a garden hose with your thumb while water is flowing through it. Instantly, the pressure rises and so does the flow rate and force of the water jet.


Water jetting is a commonly used method for a variety of industrial cleaning purposes. Whether it is for cleaning industrial vehicles or other surfaces, it has proven to be a viable solution in a variety of applications. Bestline Manufacturing offers a selection of water-jetting solutions for your business. We specialise in high-pressure pumps and their use in a wide range of industrial equipment. Today, we will focus on how water jetting can deliver the necessary force to clean sewers and other hard-to-reach areas.


Sewer Jetting Equipment


When it comes to top-quality water-jetting equipment, Bestline Manufacturing can deliver what you need for your business. Our sewer-jetting equipment is designed for clearing sewers, drains, and pipes. It is also effective for cleaning inside tanks and for site clean-up and equipment washdown. Our selection of industrial-duty pumps and accessories is ideal for water jetting and blasting. With our sewer-jetting system, you can easily remove build-up and obstructions in underground sewage systems and drain lines. Using the power and flow of high-pressure water, these systems can be cleaned and unblocked without having to replace sections.


Cat Pumps are very reliable and deliver the performance necessary for a quality sewer-jetting system. Popular products in which these pumps are used include the patented MAG-JET. The 15-frame plunger pump delivers up to 4000 psi of pressure to ensure that the jetting system operates effectively. The 35-frame plunger pump from Cat Pumps can also be used, delivering 4000 psi of pressure to force the water through the closed system and get a powerful water jet.


A flex lancing system can be used to feed the jet into an underground pipeline. With the flexible lance able to navigate around bends and curves in the pipeline, the targeted area can be jetted to clean build-up or break through a blockage. A rigid lance can also be used at the front end of the system. This lance is ideal for a focused aim and to blast surfaces clean. It also allows for more control over the lance’s initial aim, as two people can safely secure the rigid lance. As you can see, water jetting is easy and effective with the right equipment on your side.


Bestline Manufacturing delivers a myriad of solutions in terms of high-pressure cleaning systems, including water jetting for industrial applications. For more information on our selection of Cat pumps and high-pressure systems, feel free to browse our website for details. Choose Bestline today for all your high-pressure equipment needs.