What Are Spray Nozzles and What Are They Used For?

Spray nozzles are simple devices used to break a fluid’s flow into different spray patterns. Without realising it, they are used daily, from watering the garden to cleaning paving and having the car professionally cleaned. They are used for a number of applications, from high-powered water cleaning for industrial equipment to applying paint on various materials and providing much-needed hydration in agriculture.

What are the different types of spray nozzles?

Spray NozzleThe types of spray nozzles to be used is entirely dependent on the surface area that needs attention. The four most common types are flat cones, hollow cones, full cones and air atomisers. Flat cones are often used for coating and cleaning applications on conveyors where products are passed under a spray bar of several fan nozzles. Hollow and full cones, due to the variation of spray area, are ideal for cooling, washing, rinsing, dust control and fire protection. Air atomising spray nozzles are commonly used as misters as they provide a fine spray for the purpose of cooling.

Waste not, want not – what material is the best option?

Brass and stainless steel are the more common materials used for spray nozzles as they are relatively inexpensive. Bearing this in mind, they need to be regularly maintained as wear and tear and damage occur due to constant pressure build-up, especially in the case of high-powered cleaning. Over a period of time, due to this general corrosion and abrasion, the flow rate waste is exceptionally high when using brass or stainless steel. To maintain steady and stronger flow rates over longer periods, investing in ceramic spray nozzles is better in the long run as they can withstand higher levels of wear and abrasion and last up to 30 times longer.

The CERJET ceramic range has the advantage of being highly resistant to corrosion, certain chemicals, abrasion and high temperatures. Due to its toughness, the material is suitable for high pressure cleaning.  Earthmoving and heavy-duty vehicles, specifically in the mining and construction industries, rely heavily on high pressure cleaning systems with reliable spray nozzles to keep their equipment in top condition.

Whether for heavy-duty washing bays, dust suppression, micro cooling and misting or hydrostatic testing systems, we have the right-sized spray nozzles required to do the job.

The obvious choice

Choosing ceramic over brass and stainless steel should be an easy decision to make. Taking into consideration less wear and tear, less flow rate waste, less cost in the long run and longevity. CERJET is the best option. Ceramic, after all, is considered to be as stable and electrically conductive as metals.

Aligning ourselves with top brands has allowed us to supply existing and new customers with a wide variety of brass, stainless steel and CERJET ceramic spray nozzles and our focus on customer excellence ensures that you receive ultimate quality and value through Bestline Manufacturing. If you want to find out more about our product range and how we can assist you, please feel free to contact us.

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