The Pressure Pump and When It Might Be Necessary

The role of a pressure pump is unlike that of similar devices whose purpose is to propel a liquid such as water along a pipe. Instead, it is used to provide an additional boost to an already flowing liquid when this may be necessary. For example, water from the municipal supply flows freely from household taps and showers in most urban areas. However, this is often not the case in a suburban home that may be more distant from the nearest municipal pumping station. In such cases, the excessive distance will, typically, lead to a frustratingly slow trickle from the taps of those affected.

The solution is to provide a mechanical boost. That boosting is commonly achieved by installing a suitable pressure pump in a home or business experiencing this problem. A single unit of sufficient power should be quite adequate for use in both simplex and duplex dwellings.

City centres can often pose an even more significant challenge. Regardless of how powerful the incoming water supply may be at ground level, it will never be sufficient to overcome gravity and emerge from taps on the 20th floor unaided. A single booster unit is not going to be of much help either. In practice, it will probably require installing a pressure pump on every second or third floor to ensure an adequate supply for all residents.Pressure Pumps

However, water for drinking and washing purposes is not the only concern in these excessively tall structures. Fire precautions are equally crucial. A fire in a highrise block not only endangers residents but can also pose a severe logistical problem for firefighters. Automatic sprinkler systems fed from a high-capacity rooftop tank are often a mandatory safety requirement intended to mitigate such difficulties. Should an emergency arise, gravity alone will ensure adequate delivery but topping up the tank is a task for the topmost pressure pump.

In addition to their role in homes and office blocks, there are numerous other applications for these booster devices. For a start, one of these compact but powerful units is the driving force behind those handy jet washers that many of us now use to clean driveways and mud-encrusted SUVs. Similarly, considerably more powerful units are the key components of the drive-through wash bays often used by earthmoving companies to clean heavy vehicles and machinery.

These are just a few of the many invaluable tasks made possible by these pressure-boosting devices. Be sure to contact the experts at Bestline Manufacturing if you wish to learn more about their capabilities or to purchase high-performance, quality pressure pumps and related equipment.