Working with High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting is also known as water cutting or hydro blasting. It is considered to be one of the most powerful cleaning techniques available, and it is environmentally friendly. These units can be powered by either a diesel engine or an electric motor, and they are usually used along with other specialist tooling to provide highly effective cleaning abilities.

These units are very cost effective and can be applied in a variety of industries. They use a low volume of water and have a filtration and recycle option that makes them very versatile. They can easily remove waxes, oils, and similar residues from most surfaces with ease. They can be used in hazardous areas, which add to their versatility and popularity. Examples of areas where these cleaning techniques are used include recovery boilers, super heaters, pipeline jetting, tank cleaning, and sludge removal.

High pressure water jetting is the process of propelling water at high speeds to clean surfaces and other materials. The force of the water can remove paint from walls, rubber from runways, and even sealants from concrete. You can use this method with or without additional chemicals, depending on the area you are cleaning and the materials you want to remove. Another popular use of this application is when a hard surface e such as asphalt or concrete needs to be prepared in order to have a coating added. Coatings are used to protect these surfaces from rain and chemicals, and to make it safe for human use. Paint can be added to asphalt to indicate hazards, help with directions, or simply for aesthetics.

The military use this water cleaning method to remove rubber from their airfields and this can help to make it saver as it will prevent planes from skidding. The amount of rubber on a runway can play a major role in the safety of planes and passengers. The process can be used as often as needed; usually depending on the amount of traffic the runway receives and the amount of landings it has to facilitate. Tar roads can be cleaned with this water system and items such as graffiti, gum, or pollution can easily be cleaned.

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