Bestline Manufacturing has been associated with Cat Pumps “The Pumps with Nine Lives” as sole franchise holders in Southern Africa since 1971.

Bestline began in 1971 when my father-in-law Michael Gray and Co-founder Norman Tritchler came across the amazing product, Cat Pumps. Understanding that there was nothing close to this quality of product in the Southern African market, they went straight to Bill Bruggeman, CEO and Founder of Cat Pumps, to arrange for the products to be available here in country.

I had the pleasure of joining the company in the late 70s and continue to believe in both the promise of Cat Pumps as a product and Bestline as a distributor. Our promise, much like that of Cat Pumps, is to offer the best quality and most reliable products, while supporting our clients throughout their need for our service. We are honoured to have had such a long and successful relationship in this industry and look forward to providing quality to the industry long into the future.


Michael Peverett


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